4C's Endowment Fund

Community Coordinated Child Care

4C's primary purpose is to promote quality child care in our community. 4Cs believes that good quality child care is part of the infrastructure of a vibrant, sustainable community that determines the quality of life for its residents.

4C's provides support and resources to all child care programs in Johnson County to advance the quality of child care in our community. Research shows that high quality early education has a lasting impact on children's development, affects graduation rates, crime rates, high earnings and better jobs.

4C's provides emergency child care to families in our community: 4C's Crisis Child Care for Johnson County provides short-term emergency care when parents are facing an unpredictable event and are not able to provide regular care for their children. 4Cs Home Ties Child Care Center offers free, temporary child care to families that are homeless, at risk of homelessness, receiving services for serious issues such as substance abuse, mental health issues, coping as teenage parents or qualifying for financial support from the Department of Human Services.