Balakrishnan Fund for Handicare Endowment Fund

Handicare Inc.

Brief overview of agency 
Since October 1981, Handicare has been a leader in Iowa in the field of early childhood education. Through the years, Handicare has grown from a small licensed center for 15 children to one that currently provides inclusive childcare services to more than 150 children daily. Our school complement program provides care for an additional 50 children. We provide support and adaptations to help all children successfully participate in daily routines and developmentally-appropriate programs. It is our goal that all children be given the opportunity to reach developmental milestones including age-appropriate social and school-readiness skills.

Handicare realizes that children are the key to our world’s future. Our mission is to provide quality care and education to children in a caring and cost-effective manner. We believe that children must be loved, nurtured and guided in a consistent, safe and pleasant environment so that each child grows into a secure, happy and productive adult. We provide stimulating, developmentally-appropriate activities to challenge and assist children in learning about themselves and their world.

The development of positive self esteem and appropriate social skills are essential to a child’s success in the classroom. Individualized adaptations are made so that each child can participate in all classroom activities. Typically developing peers help motivate and challenge children with special needs to participate and develop new skills.