Bruno Schielzeth Endowment Fund

Bruno Schielzeth was an arborist and gymnast. His love of nature is expressed in his development of Hickory Hill. As a gymnast, he wanted more children to experience the benefits of gymnastics. While at school in Florida, he toured with other gymnasts (the Walendas) to expose schools to the sport.

The fund has two goals:

Financially support any low-income child by paying half of the fee for classes at any gym. Gymnastics is an expensive sport and many low-income children are never exposed to the opportunity because of cost. Gymnastics has many benefits even if they don't get on a team or compete. Recreational gymnastics teaches discipline, setting goals, teamwork, attention to the coach, positive behavior and much more.

Provide emergency funds for team members who have temporary financial difficulties. Sometimes a child has to drop competitive gymnastics because a parent loses their job, a fire, or a number of problems. The fund helps keep athletes on the team through a financial difficulty.