Bur Oak Land Trust Endowment Fund

Founded in 1978, by a group of far-sighted local citizens, the Bur Oak Land Trust, formerly known as the Johnson County Heritage Trust, is a nonprofit conservation land trust committed to the preservation and enjoyment of natural areas in the Johnson County area including prairies, woodlands, wetlands and sites of scenic interest. Bur Oak Land Trust is the second land trust established in Iowa and is a member of the national Land Trust Alliance. Bur Oak Land Trust achieved national accreditation status by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2013.

Bur Oak Land Trust owns nine properties that are open to the public for hiking, berry picking, mushroom hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, etc. The Trust also holds 14 conservation easements on privately owned property.

The mission of the Bur Oak Land Trust is to protect and conserve natural areas of Johnson and surrounding counties for future generations.

Our goals:
Land Protection - To increase the amount of land that we protect while establishing ongoing relationships with individuals as well as organizations.
Land Management - To manage 100% of the land that Bur Oak Land Trust owns by increasing volunteer opportunities.
Development – To build adequate financial resources to meet our capital and operational needs.
Build Brand Attention - Increase community awareness of Bur Oak land Trust as a leading conservator of land in the area.
Organization Excellence - Enhance Bur Oak Land Trust's effectiveness by maintaining our accreditation status and increasing our supporter base.

Contact info@buroaklandtrust.org or visit www.buroaklandtrust.org