Chatham Oaks Endowment Fund

Chatham Oaks Builds on Leinfelder Legacy Gift

What started as gift from the Leinfelder family to the Johnson County Care Facility for new equipment funds has evolved into an endowment fund that will make funds available to Chatham Oaks . . . forever.

Originally given in 1990 by Eloise Leinfelder to Johnson County, the funds had been invested by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. By moving the funds to the Community Foundation of Johnson County, Chatham Oaks opened the door for future donors to assist in building the endowment for Chatham Oaks, formerly called the Johnson County Care Facility.

“We felt the time was right to begin our endowment fund,” stated Mary Donovan, Administrator of Chatham Oaks. “This was an opportunity to preserve the legacy shared by Eloise Leinfelder and yet also build for the future needs at Chatham Oaks.”

Chatham Oaks opened an agency-advised endowment fund.