Extend the Dream Foundation Endowment Fund

Uptown Bill's Extend the Dream Foundation

Mission: Strive to nurture and encourage individuals with disabilities by providing:

  • A gathering place where people of all abilities are welcome
  • Employment and micro-enterprise opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  • A community forum on abilities awareness

Uptown Bill's includes a used bookstore, a coffee house, a performance venue and meeting space. For 17 years, Extend the Dream Foundation (EDF) has supported a variety of businesses - a record store, a vintage shop, a bakery and much more. We have also helped individuals start online businesses.

In addition, Uptown Bill's has been involved in publishing books - by and about individuals with disabilities. We also collaborate with PATV community television about shows, including "Hello, It's Us" and "Thursday Night Live."

In 2017, 125 volunteers assisted with the coffee house, bookstore and other activities; EDF held 384 support group meetings (AA, NA, Grasp, Brain Injury and others) 298 people performed at Open Mic Night and 106 people read at Spoken Word events.

EDF offers an accessible, alcohol-free environment for events. More than 2,000 people attended concerts and performances.

EDF future plans include:

  • Providing more employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Expanding the coffee shop to serve a variety of coffee choices
  • Adding to the coffee house menu
  • Adding interest groups
  • Hosting musical and dramatic workshops