Hawkeye Wrestling Club Endowment Fund

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club plays a vital role providing the best coaching, training and resources to our members giving them the best opportunity to become World and Olympic Champions. The club has helped produce 13 Olympians and four Gold Medal Champions.

Our success is possible because of the generous donations of Hawkeye Wrestling Club supporters. One hundred percent of your contribution goes toward support of the HWC athletes, covering transportation, food, lodging, tournament entry fees, stipends for athletes living expenses, as well as assistance to offset fees for overseas tours and tournaments.

Be part of our history. Help our wrestlers become legendary.

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations may be deducted from your income tax under IRS’s IRC Section 170. Contributions to Hawkeye Wrestling Club Endowment Fund qualifies for a 25 percent Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

For more information about the Hawkeye Wrestling Club visit www.hawkeyewrestlingclub.com or email contact@hawkeyewrestlingclub.com.


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