Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County Endowment Fund

Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County (HTFJC) is a private, non-profit organization established in 2004. Its mission is to promote and support affordable housing in Johnson County, and its vision is safe, decent, affordable housing for all in Johnson County. HTFJC promotes and supports affordable housing by providing public education and opportunities for dialogue and by providing funding for affordable home ownership, rental, and transitional housing and emergency shelter needs.

HTFJC combines state grant funding with local funding to offer a revolving loan fund to affordable housing organizations, developers and providers. The revolving loan program offers low and no-interest loans to finance affordable housing initiatives. 

All of the housing units assisted with HTFJC revolving loan funds are low-to-moderate income households and many of them have extremely ow income.  Since 2005, HTFJC has awarded nearly $2.5 million in grants or loans to organizations, developers or providers that have benefited more than 180 households. These funds have helped to build new renter and owner-occupied homes, rehabilitate existing owner or renter housing or offer direct rental assistance.

The presence of HTFJC funds in a housing project often makes the project feasible and results in lowering the housing cost for the owners or renters. Visit our website at www.htfjc.org for more information.