Iowa City Catholic Worker House

The Iowa City Catholic Worker House community sees the Cross on the foreheads of the poor and practices daily the Works of Mercy as found in Matthew 25--housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, caring for the sick, visiting the prisoner.

The Catholic Worker House of hospitality is located on the southeast side of Iowa City at 1414 Sycamore Street. They have four bedrooms for supportive housing, a weekend open house and a potluck meal program serving dozens of homeless and near-homeless friends and neighbors, and a variety of other programming, such as Mass, bible study, community organizing, and book clubs.

The Catholic Worker House property is held in a community land trust.

The community also sponsors asylum-seekers detained at the border and helps them rebuild their lives in Iowa. Long-term plans include buying a second house to house more refugees and start a Free Breakfast Program 4 days a week, 9 months a year. 

“We want everyone to know that immigrants and refugees are welcome here” co-founder and trustee Emily Sinnwell said. “We are a safe house and sanctuary where the poor come first.”

“A Catholic Worker community with a house of hospitality is simply a group of people who share the spare room in their home, the extra coat in their closet, and the unused place at their table with those who need it” Sinnwell said.