Iowa City Hospice Endowment Fund

Iowa City Hospice is a community-based, nonprofit organization that offers care to patients, their families and friends throughout the dying and grief process. We provide the same exceptional care to every patient, regardless of their disease, age, background or ability to pay. Iowa City Hospice adds life to each day by helping individuals and families make the most of their final time together.

Iowa City Hospice was created by community volunteers in 1983. The vision of these community volunteers was to provide an end-of-life care alternative so that suffering patients will have an opportunity to enjoy a relatively pain-free, peaceful, meaningful final life passage. Today, we measure our success by the quality of our care and our commitment to ensure that everyone has access to Iowa City Hospice’s exceptional services.

Adding Life to Each Day
Iowa City Hospice is committed to our mission and ask that you consider a gift to the Iowa City Hospice Endowment Fund. Your endowment gift will help Iowa City Hospice provide the best quality care to future generations of terminally-ill patients and their families and leave a legacy that will live on.