New Song Endowment Fund

New Song Episcopal Church 


To invite all to know Christ, celebrate God's presence and be Christ's body in the world.


Fulfills its commission and commitment to grow by bringing more people to know Jesus Christ and be led by Him, by

  • Inviting and including all ages, all colors, all manner of people and by
  • Being a community of friends who listen deeply to God and look for and affirm the Christ in each other

Celebrates God's presence through worship rich with prayer, music, modern liturgy and joyful participation.

Works together as the people of God to identify, affirm and strengthen the gifts of each member for ministry to each other and the world by

  • Inviting people to a continuing spiritual journey in an uncertain and broken world and by
  • Feeding and nourishing and providing spiritual renewal to God's people to do God's continuing work in the world

The purpose of this endowment fund is to enhance New Song's ministry to people within the church and in the community at large. More information at