North Liberty Community Pantry Endowment Fund

The North Liberty Community Pantry is an outreach ministry of the North Liberty First United Methodist Church. The Pantry is a church-community collaboration. The Pantry serves families through a unique "client choice" method we refer to as "shopping." Families come to the Pantry and they choose what they need.

The mission of the North Liberty Community Pantry is to engage our community in feeding and clothing our neighbors.

We believe: everyone has a right to not be hungry; everyone deserves dignity and respect; families need community support to be successful; families have the right to self-determination (shop); the community has a role in providing for their members; people deserve to have the option of healthy nutrition choices.

Families appreciate: "able to pick out their own things." "Acceptance and warmth." "A can of veggies is a can of veggies, but the volunteers make all the difference." "I am treated with respect."

The board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.