Susan and Sarah Wolfe Memorial Charitable Giving Fund

The Susan and Sarah Wolfe Memorial Charitable Giving Fund honors the memory of Susan "Suzy" and Sarah. Sarah was a psychiatrist focusing on children’s emotional and mental health and wellness. Suzy held degrees in education and early education, and worked as a childcare provider. Suzy and Sarah devoted their lives to helping others overcome obstacles. Their commitment to social justice remains their legacy continued by their family and friends.

All contributions will be used for issues that were important to Suzy and Sarah, including (but not limited to) mental health services; support and education for families dealing with mental health issues; outreach and education regarding mental health issues in schools and with community youth organizations; support and care of animals; support and care of the use of animals in school and healthcare settings as a form of therapy and play; support for early childhood education programs and training; and groups and organizations dedicated to empowering young people, particularly girls and members of groups often marginalized in our society. See for more information.