Ways to Give Now

480a33fbde68fc749026cf84d1ff6073_f103.jpgThe Community Foundation of Johnson County works closely with you and / or your professional adviser to find the perfect match to meet your charitable giving goals. You can add to an existing fund or create a new fund. We offer a variety of giving options.

Giving Methods
Many of our donors give during their lifetime, others leave a bequest in their will. See Gifts for the Future for types of gifts and instruments available to help you fulfill your charitable goals.

At the Community Foundation, we offer a variety of giving methods designed for each donor's unique situation. We encourage you to visit Benefits of Giving to learn more!

  • Cash and cash equivalents

Cash is an easy and convenient way to give. If you itemize your deductions on your federal income tax return, you may take a charitable gift deduction for the amount of your gift. If you give your gift to an endowed fund that supports a nonprofit in Iowa, you may be eligible to receive a 25 percent Endow Iowa tax credit. When savings bonds, certificates of deposit and other ordinary income assets, you will not have to pay tax on the gain for those assets.

  •  Securities

Your gift can be used to support local causes and organizations you care about most.
You can transfer ownership of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) owned for at least one year to CFJC. You will receive a deduction for the average value of the security on the day of the transfer. Please contact us for stock transfer instructions. CFJC must be aware of the type of stock and number of shares gifted before the transaction can be made.

  •  Real Estate

A gift of real estate is an ideal way to attain a level of giving you might not have thought was possible. You receive the maximum tax deduction allowed and avoid capital gains tax. Making a charitable gift of real estate through the Community Foundation of Johnson County turns your property gains into community good, and enables you to receive financial and tax benefits.

  •  Gifts of Grain

Farmers and producers may realize tax-saving benefits by donating grain to the Community Foundation of Johnson County. The sale of grain is deducted from your farm income  along with the ability to deduct the cost of growing the crop, which typically results in saving self-employment tax, federal income tax and state income tax. And Gifts of Grain made to endowed funds at the Community Foundation are eligible for a 25 percent Endow Iowa tax credit.