Apply for a Grant

Nonprofit organizations serving Johnson County residents are invited to apply for Community Foundation of Johnson County (CFJC) grants each year. CFJC will accept applications July 1.

Apply for a Grant (Applications may be submitted beginning July 1, 2018.
The deadline to submit a grant application is July 23 at 5 p.m.

All past grant recipients must complete the five items below to qualify for a subsequent grant:

  • Accept the Terms of Grant Agreement providing program intent and program expenditures
  • File a Grant Report  with CFJC by June 30 of the following year in which the grant was issued 
  • Indicate "funding provided by the Community Foundation of Johnson County" on promotional materials related to the grant
  • Provide a link from your website to the CFJC website
  • Provide photos of the grant project

These guidelines and policies apply only to the unrestricted philanthropic funds of the Community Foundation of Johnson County and not to those funds for which the donor has designated the beneficiary or has restricted the use of a particular fund for a specific charitable purpose. Those designated and restricted funds will be administered separately in relation to their respective donor agreements.