Types of Grants Offered

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Foundation Grant 
Proposals are accepted annually.  Community Foundation grants are made to support projects and programs of nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies located in or serving residents of Johnson County. Historically grants are made for one year and range from $500 to $10,000. Proposals are reviewed by a Grant Review Committee, which makes funding recommendations to the Community Foundation Board of Directors.  Upon approval by the Board of Directors, funds are awarded and paid.  Special circumstances are considered on a case by case basis.

Jaynane Lillig Family Community Impact Grant
The Community Foundation of Johnson County may choose to award a Jaynane Lillig Family Community Impact grant for projects that significantly improve the Johnson County community.

Summership Scholarships
Summership Scholarship applications are accepted March through May. Summership Scholarship grants have their own application, review protocol, need based on the federal school free-and-reduced lunch program guidelines and grant criteria. Applications are accepted and managed by the Community Foundation, but the awards are selected by the fund-holding entities' selection committees.  The maximum Summership Scholarship grant award is $250. Call CFJC at 319.337.0483 to discuss a named Summership Scholarship.

Immediate Need Grant
An Immediate Need Grant may be awarded to agencies in our community that have a proven track record with the Community Foundation as sound financial stewards and successful service providers. The expeditious process begins with a phone call (319.337.0483) to the CFJC Executive Director; requests may not exceed $500 and must address an urgent operational need rather than a program or project.