Life Lessons: The art of giving

Jan 15, 2013

2013-Gavin-Family-photo-1.jpgGrowing up in Johnson County, Amanda Gavin (B. A. University of Iowa, M. A. DePaul University) fulfilled her career goal, completing studies to teach special education in an elementary school setting. While in the classroom, Amanda saw the real needs of her students. "A growing number of children and their parents struggled."

When their family came along, the Gavins shifted gears but not their focus. Amanda became a stay-at-home Mom, and continued to advocate for children and education. Now, they're teaching their own children the art of giving.

Leading by example, the couple has made a gift to fund programs specializing in children and education at the Community Foundation of Johnson County, establishing the Gavin Family Fund. The family chose the Community Foundation for its ability to pinpoint needs and award grants to help the family achieve their giving goals. Their gift will be invested through the Community Foundation, and annual earnings from their endowment will be used to support and enhance activities that meet the needs of Johnson County children.

Gavin's gift acknowledges the importance of Johnson County children getting a good start in life, said Mike Stoffregen, executive director of the Community Foundation of Johnson County. "We appreciate their commitment and generosity. Patrick and Amanda are our hometown heroes – they are friends and neighbors who pay it forward to help others in our community. The Community Foundation is pleased to work with individuals and contributors to help them meet their charitable giving objectives."

The couple, parents of three young children, chose to make a gift to the Community Foundation known for its endowment, investment, grant reputations and the Endow Iowa Tax Credit. Amanda said they are very fortunate to be able to make a gift to the community. "The Community Foundation is a wonderful vehicle for charitable giving that provides lessons in giving and will help my family meet our present and future giving goals."

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