Generous Contributors Fuel Foundation's Growth

Jan 15, 2015

WarnerFamily-1.jpgThe Coralville couple created two funds – a charitable giving and an endowment fund. "AnotherDoor" seeks to identify needs, both visible and hidden, in the community. Aaron Warner says the mission is to facilitate positive change as well as fostering new ideas that enrich the community. The name reflects the need people sometimes have for "another door to open."

He says, "AnotherDoor hopes to facilitate improvements and changes, large and small, by making opportunities available to organizations and individuals in the community.

"We also aim to inspire a giving spirit by encouraging others to contribute as well. We hope to demonstrate anyone can make a difference by supporting the community, regardless of the size of the gift."

The cooperative impact is very clear, according to Aaron who also wants to make giving fun. "When individual contributions are combined to make an immediate impact in the local community, our members have fun."

The couple is planning a fundraising event to aid the community. Aaron, Chief Information Officer at Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), has experience celebrating big accomplishments. He's been a part of many collaborative milestones the entrepreneurial technology company has reached with the help of coworkers, employees and economic development partners.

Heather, a former City High teacher, said, "When people give together the impact is much greater, and it's more enjoyable when you bring friends and like-minded people together for a purpose."
The couple is working with the Community Foundation and others to define AnotherDoor objectives.
"Aaron and Heather will make a huge impact in our community, and we are grateful for their leadership, compassion and commitment," Stoffregen said.

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