‘Own a Share’

Jan 15, 2011

Open invitation to provide Johnson County communities lasting support

Tiffin Community Fund shelter - 2010-1.jpgCUTLINE: Tiffin city officials and guests dedicated the new city park shelter built with the Tiffin Community Fund. Pictured (left to right) are Cindy Phillips, Nick Pheiffer, Jim Bartels, Mayor Royce Phillips, Chris Ball with his children and City Clerk Ruth Demuth.

The Community Foundation of Johnson County invites all Johnson County residents to "Own a Share" of their respective community's future. Residents who invest $100 will lead the effort to serve the needs and contribute enduring support to their communities.

Rev. Beverly Marshall-Goodell, pastor of the United Methodist Church in Tiffin and treasurer of the Tiffin Community Fund, says the community fund board made a commitment to use funds for community development projects. "We surveyed Tiffin residents to determine their interests. Parks rated very high so we built a shelter in the city's newest park.

"Our board wanted a visible, accessible project so our community could 'see' the work of the Tiffin Community Fund." The city paid for shelter tables and trash containers. Next spring, the city will install a grill.

Currently, eight people serve on the Tiffin Community Fund board. Pastor Bev says the community effort is a lot of fun. "The church has held fund-raisers with all donations going into the community fund. Fund-raisers are a great way to raise money and create an awareness of opportunities to support the community.

"We're now thinking about what our next project might be."

Beginning in 2005, six Johnson County cities launched an affiliation with the Community Foundation. The affiliate funds allow individual communities to fund and support homegrown community projects.

Mike Stoffregen, CFJC executive director, says we encourage communities to start a community philanthropy program and provide a $2,500 match. "The Foundation also offers support, technical assistance and management expertise to develop programs and begin fundraising. It's a win-win, and creates a constant commitment in our Johnson County communities."

Six communities started affiliate funds from which they award grants each year. Lone Tree and Swisher launched funds in 2005. The following year, Coralville started a community fund; and in 2007, North Liberty, Tiffin and University Heights started fundraising for their communities.


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