Community Fund Affiliates grow influence for community good

Jan 15, 2015

Johnson County communities are working in concert with the Community Foundation of Johnson County to raise awareness of needs and opportunities in their communities, and raising funds to meet those needs.

Last year, aided by an Iowa Council of Foundations' grant, the Community Foundation of Johnson County (CFJC) offered staffing assistance to each community fund affiliate to create opportunities for individuals and businesses to serve their respective communities and help grow endowment funds for the good of the community.
Last year, the six community fund affiliates were joined by a seventh – the Iowa City Community Fund.

Each community crafted messages and utilized a variety of mediums to stimulate their organization's brand and create opportunities for individuals and businesses to be informed about tax advantages of contributing to a community fund within the Community Foundation of Johnson County. Communities used some or all of the following strategies:

• Reviewed board composition and welcomed new trustees and added membership (three communities)
• Sent letters to businesses and friends (three communities)
• Distributed "Gifts of Grain" flyers to elevators and farm service agencies (all communities)
• Created videos to promote community funds on local cable channels (two communities)
• Staffed information tables at community festivals to promote community funds (one community)
• Invited businesses to participate in a citywide directory and contribute to a "welcome bag" for new residents (one community)
• Wrote and contributed pieces to city newsletters (one community)
• Sent year-end letters to supporters (two communities)

Additionally, representatives of each community fund affiliate attended Community Foundation meetings to network and introduce trustee members to learning opportunities, training and orientation. And Community Fund affiliate representatives reviewed grant requests and made recommendations regarding fund disbursement and grant awards.
In 2015, two communities will celebrate a 10th anniversary of service to their community – congratulations to Lone Tree and Swisher. And all Community Fund affiliates – thank you for working on behalf of their communities.

Coralville Community Fund (est. 2007)
Kathy Bachmeier, chair
Rex Brandstatter, vice chair
Shiela Boyd*
Steve Ford*
Henry Herwig
Keith Jones
Dave Revier, treasurer
Terry Kaeding
Debra Stannard*
Mary Jo Streb
Deanna Trumbull, secretary
Cory Tweden
John Weber*
John Weihe*

Iowa City Community Fund (est. 2014)
Regenia Bailey
Steve Ford, chair
Matt Hayek
Jim Hayes
Paula Weigel

Lone Tree Community Fund (est. 2005)
Brenda Grover
Tanya Judge
Jeff Lihs
Mitch Swinton
Kristie Thompson
Kurt Wieland
Melinda Wieland, chair

North Liberty Community Fund (est. 2007)
Jennifer Garner*
Amy Kubik-Hasley
Jean Kuehl*
Jennifer Lough, secretary
Lori Meyer*
Mark K Mitchell
Tracey Mulcahey
Dave Roberts, chair
Beth Saxton
Dennis Tallman

Swisher Community Fund (est. 2005)
Mary Gudenkant, chair
Kris Heims
Barbara Hoss
Maureen Rompot
Doug Slauson
Virginia Svec
Karen Vondracek

Tiffin Community Fund (est. 2007)
Beverly Marshall-Goodell, chair
Jim Bartels
Tim Kuehl*
Nick Pfeiffer
Royce Phillips
Juli Knight*
Tommy Roberts*

University Heights Community Fund (est. 2008)
Christine Anderson
Carson Eggland
Roseanne Hopson
Christine Luzzie, chair
Rachel Stewart
Rich Wretman

*Indicates new Community Fund Affiliate representatives

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