Jan 15, 2009

By Mary Kathryn Wallace

Water. Giver and Taker of Life.
Around us and within us. Lifelong connection.
Soothing, gentle rain and raging river expanding relentlessly.
When will your rising stop?

In your own time.
Too late for families, homes, businesses, ordinary life.

You rise and fall to your own rhythm leaving destruction in your wake.
Leaving in your aftermath loss, sorrow, pain and also a new beginning.

Dark, dirty water of chaos, what have you seeded?
Weariness and also strength to continue.
Bonding of friendship and support.
Enlarged community caring more deeply because each was baptized by you.

River, you are a demanding teacher.
I was a reluctant student but am no longer.
I accept, even embrace, lessons you have taught.
I know with greater depth, like the depth of you at your widest and highest,
Surrender, Patience, Perseverance, Hope, Gratitude.

River, you are peaceful again, ever flowing, giving.
Yet I await the return of your powerful Self. I remember you with respect.

You are entirely new. Water of June that changed my life has come and gone.
New water flows.

Raindrop . . . Snowflake . . . Blizzard . . . Torrential storm . . . Accumulation.
Water, Giver and Taker of Life, I want us to live together in Peace.

NOTE: Mary Kathryn Wallace, along with her husband Doug, were evacuated on June 12, 2008, from 45 Colwyn Court, Iowa City, IA.

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