Your legacy can be a gift that keeps giving

Jun 18, 2016

What if you could provide for community needs not just in your lifetime but forever?

An endowed fund can help you do that.

Endowments are an investment in the future. Your gift creates a permanent fund where your gift is invested, and a portion of that fund is distributed every year to support the causes close to your heart – thereby continuing your charitable giving always.

Your gift to the Community Foundation of Johnson County helps individuals, businesses and your community create a living legacy – your legacy.

The power of an endowment is its continuity. Gifts to the Community Foundation are preserved in perpetuity. The funds are pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth. Endowed gifts are part of the foundation's permanent endowment, meaning they will keep benefiting our community.

Choosing a partner for your charitable giving is important. There are countless reasons to consider the Community Foundation of Johnson County as a philanthropic home, but here are a few:

• We are local, with more than a decade of experience serving Johnson County; our board and staff know community issues and needs.
• You receive prompt, personal service, tailored to your charitable and financial giving goals.
• You can invest in the causes you care about.
• The impact of your gift will be magnified as we pool donations and grants.
• You have many options for giving – the foundation accepts a wide variety of assets and can manage complex forms of giving.
• The foundation can structure your gift to maximize tax advantages for you, and its staff can work with your professional advisers to put your wishes in place.
• Your gift is secure; the foundation prudently manages investments for best results. We publish an annual report; our books are independently audited.
• You can leave the administrative work of charitable giving – for example, investments, tax reporting, due diligence and compliance with laws and IRS regulations − to the foundation.
• The foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that leads the community, coordinating resources to create positive change.

The Community Foundation of Johnson County connects people who care with causes that matter. Since 2000, we have served the citizens of Johnson County and others through a range of charitable and civic activities, while helping individual donors achieve their philanthropic goals. We believe that giving back moves us all forward.

The foundation is a tax-exempt public charity. Founded by generous individuals, families, businesses and organizations, each of our 180 funds helps build stronger communities. We have helped countless generous individuals and families understand their financial options and maximize their charitable giving. In turn, we help non-profit organizations plan for their financial future. As a result, area organizations have received more than $9 million in grants from the foundation – real money that has made a real difference in real people's lives.

As stewards of our donors' philanthropy, we embrace our roles as connectors, navigators and trusted guides. We strive, every day, to build upon our legacy of civic and philanthropic leadership so that we – and you − can continue to do good work, forever.

Mike Stoffregen, Executive Director, and Sheila Boyd, Director of Development, Community Foundation of Johnson County                                

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