What is a Community Foundation

Community Foundations offer donors strategic advice about philanthropy and a range of charitable giving options that provide tax benefits. They provide leadership, expertise and capital to address social issues in the geographic areas they serve. They are a resource for nonprofit, civic and government philanthropic organizations.

The Community Foundation of Johnson County’s (CFJC) long-term goal is to grow resources to meet changing needs in our community, and bring together organizations and individuals who want to improve the quality of lives in the Johnson County area.

CFJC is one of more than 650 community foundations in the United States. Philanthropy is our only business - we provide accountability, simplicity and leadership to help contributors meet their charitable giving goals while helping our communities.

dreamstime-Coins-Tree-Growth.jpgEndowment Defined

An endowment fund is made up of gifts and bequests. It requires the principal to remain in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time, and to be invested to create an ongoing source of income for a specific purpose or organization.

CJFC assists businesses and organizations of all sizes and individuals and families of all means grow long-term endowment funds for a better community tomorrow.

If you have questions about CFJC and how you can help support the local community for the long-term, please contact us.

Why choose a Community Foundation?

There are many reasons to invest in a Community Foundation. CFJC is a local tax-exempt organization that serves individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Community Foundations identify current and emerging issues, stimulate resources to address those needs and help our area prepare for the future. We work with professional advisers and donors to provide the best options for giving while providing the maximum tax advantages.